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Take Control of Your Temperature Monitoring

Customized alerts and automated QA/QC for your Business needs with our IoT temperature monitoring system

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Benefits of ConcreteAI’s
IoT Temperature Monitoring

Monitor, track and collect real-time temperature readings

seamlessly on the go

Easy 5 min Setup

Install the system in less than 5 minutes with wireless and pocket-size design, no special training is required

Evidence Management

Analyse current data, automate QA/QC report and get in-time alerts through Whatsapp to take proactive measures

Wide Coverage

Every device comes with 4 monitoring points, each can be extended up to 10m long. Cover from 0 - 100 °C

Get your IoT Temperature Monitoring System Installed

Benefits of ConcreteAI’s
IoT Temperature Monitoring

Live Data for
Remote Monitoring

  • Keep track of your temperature-sensitive assets in real-time from anywhere, anytime

  • Receive alerts when temperature exceeds limit

  • Customisable monitoring intervals

Pocket-Sized and Wireless Design

  • No training required for installation and set up

  • Mobile and easy to move around

  • Equipped with 6-months battery life to reduce


QA/QC Report

  • Download customized range of reading with customizable format

  • Download in both pdf and excel format

  • Easy sharing across team

Analyze with

the Database

  • Get insights and identify patterns with historical data in the database

  • Observe abnormalities earlier

  • Ensure compliance with regulations

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Why ConcreteAI

Started in 2021, ConcreteAI is a Singapore-based construction technology company. We bring real-time data and critical insights to the construction industry through AI and IoT-based technologies to drive higher productivity and empower sustainability.

Founded by a group of ex-civil engineers, ConcreteAI's vision is to empower data-driven decision-making processes to simplify workflow and on-site communication.

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Use Cases

ConcreteAI’s IoT Temperature Monitoring Solutions can and has been
used for other than concrete

Construction Concrete

Ensure concrete strength and durability with accurate temperature monitoring throughout the curing process.


Ensure precise and consistent temperature control for sensitive materials and experiments, protecting valuable assets and research.


Monitor critical equipment and environments with precision, prevent costly downtime and ensure compliance with regulations.


Maintain quality and safety standards for perishable goods and sensitive materials with real-time temperature monitoring, preventing spoilage and loss.

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Get your IoT Temperature Monitoring System

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