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Concrete Sensors - ConcreteAI

Build Faster and Sustainably with Real-time Data

ConcreteAI System visualizes real-time early age development of in-situ concrete strength & temperature for shorter casting cycle time and less resources wastage on site

Concrete control sensors - ConcreteAI

Why we are doing this

Builders commonly use extra cube test to determine if concrete has cured sufficiently to proceed. This process remains manual, lengthy and incremental. ConcreteAI changes this with real-time concrete monitoring solution. We develop simple-to-use system to increase transparency of curing status so that stakeholders no longer have to waste time and resources on concreting process. 

Why choose ConcreteAI?

Take advantage of ConcreteAI concrete monitoring sensor to build faster and reduce construction costs

Save time with Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI


Reduction in Cycle Time

Receive automatic alerts on curing status to schedule subsequent activities and plan resources more efficiently 

Save Investment with Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI


Reduction in Cube Testing

Worry no more about extra cube testing for early age strength measurement. Keep only the 7 & 28 days cubes for quality verification

Save Money with Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI


Quality Control

Monitor in situ strength at different locations and depths. Move on with the project safely with peace of mind 

We make it easy to use

Device can be installed by any worker within minutes

Pair Device Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI

Pair Device

Scan QR code, connect and activate the device.

Install Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI


Attach the probes to the rebar before pouring concrete.

Minitor Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI


View and receive notification of concrete curing status real-time anytime and anywhere

Where Smart Sensors can help

Get information about the temperature, maturity and strength of concrete in real time. Accelerate your schedule for commercial, residential and infrastructure projects.

Building construction

ConcreteAI sensors can be used to optimize construction cycle time. Once the in situ concrete has reached sufficient target strength, builders can proceed with subsequent construction activities faster and with a higher level of confidence in concrete strength within the structures

Construction projects:

  • high-rise buildings

  • infrastructure projects

  • mass concreting

  • bridge construction

  • open to road

  • and many more

Building construction with Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI
Construction projects with Concrete Control Sensors - ConcreteAI


ConcreteAI sensors help achieve just-in-time precast production. Precast elements can be demolded quicker once target strength has reached to optimize usage of casting beds and reduce the high frequency and volume of cube testing.

Precast elements:

  • hollow-core slabs

  • beams, columns

  • walls

  • girders

  • and many more


Innovation Award 

Presented by BETA (BCA)

Built Environment Demo Day 2022

Awards - ConcreteAI
Our Awards - ConcreteAI
Awards - ConcreteAI
Our Awards - ConcreteAI

Top 10 Finalists

Presented by Enterprise Singapore


Working with

ConcreteAI client - Recast Concrete
ConcreteAI client - Grey Form
ConcreteAI client - Alliance Concrete Singapore

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