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IoT Temperature
Monitoring System

ConcreteAI battery-powered system monitors and tracks temperature readings in real time. Allow real-time reading, evidence management, and receive real-time alerts to detect issues proactively. 


ConcreteAI Hardware Solution

Easy Setup

Install the system in less than 5 minutes with wireless design

ConcreteAI Dashboard

Evidence Management

Analyse current monitoring data and get in-time alerts through Whatsapp to take proactive measures

Concrete on-site installation for strength monitoring

Wide Coverage

Every device comes with 4 monitoring points, each can be extended up to 10m long. Cover from 0 - 100C



Live Data for Remote Monitoring 


Set alerts with the customized threshold value 


Download report and data file


Analyze with past data in the library

Get Started in 3 Steps


Tag Sensor

Insert or place probes at the target monitoring location


Switch on Device 

View Results

Access data through the dashboard, download report and conduct analysis 

Certified By

ConcreteAI Calibration Certificate

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