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Smart Sensors for Monitoring Concrete Curing

Our sensors are embedded within the concrete structure that measures and predicts the early age development of in-situ concrete strength & temperature directly from the job-site in real-time. With ConcreteAI, we aim to shorten the construction cycle time, reduce the number of concrete test specimens and increase overall productivity in the construction sector.

Key Benefits


Reduction in Cycle Time

Project teams are well informed of curing status to schedule subsequent activities.


Reduction in Cube Testing

Project teams will no longer need to worry about extra cube testing for early age strength.


Return of Investment

Reduce cost of delays throughout the construction project.


Building Construction


ConcreteAI sensors can be used to optimize construction cycle time. Once the in situ concrete has reached sufficient target strength, builders can proceed with subsequent construction activities faster and with a higher level of confidence in concrete strength within the structures

Construction projects:

  • high-rise buildings 

  • infrastructure projects

  • mass concreting

  • bridge construction

  • open to road

  • and many more



ConcreteAI sensors help achieve just-in-time precast production. Precast elements can be demolded quicker once target strength has reached to optimize usage of casting beds and reduce the high frequency and volume of cube testing.

Precast elements:

  • hollow-core slabs

  • beams, columns

  • walls

  • girders

  • and many more

Contact Us

Want to find out how ConcreteAI can solve problems specific to your business operations? Let's talk.

83 Science Park Dr, #02-03/04 The Curie, Singapore 118258

+65 8697 3456

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